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Please use the Hazardous Materials Table published in the E-CFR (http://www. , 49 CFR Section ) for the currently updated. Symbols in the Hazardous Materials Table. .. Packing groups are designated in Column 5 of the section Table and indicate the degree of. 1, 49 CFR Hazardous Materials Table. 2, Symbols, Hazardous materials description and proper shipping names, Hazard class or Division, ID Numbers.

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Label code Label name 1 Explosive 1. Inhalation hazard zone B. Amines, liquid, corrosive, n. Ammonium nitrate based fertilizer. Aircraft survival kits, see Life saving appliances etc. Accumulators, tahle, see Batteries, wet etc. Thus, Iodine monochloride may be used interchangeably with Iodine chloride. Amine, flammable, corrosive, n. Aminopyridines o-; m-; p.

Alkali metal amalgam, liquid. Bromotrifluoromethane or Refrigerant gas, R 13B1. Borate and chlorate mixtures, see Chlorate and borate mixtures. Bisulfites, aqueous solutions, tanle. Black powder or Gunpowder, granular or as a meal. Anti-freeze, liquid, see Flammable liquids, 172.101. Inhalation hazard zone C. Articles, pressurized pneumatic or hydraulic containing non-flammable gas.


An alternate proper shipping name may be selected when only domestic transportation is involved. Alkaline earth metal alloys, n. Cartridges for weapons, blank.

Aerosols, flammable, each not exceeding 1 L capacity. Cartridges for weapons, inert projectile or Cartridges, small arms. Cannon primers, see Primers, tubular. Column 2 lists the hazardous materials descriptions and proper shipping names of materials designated as hazardous materials. When the packaging specified in Column 8 is inappropriate for the physical state of the material, the table provided in paragraph i 4 of this section should be used to determine the appropriate packaging section.

Bombs, smoke, non-explosive, with corrosive 1772.101, without initiating tavle. Hazardous materials offered for transportation as limited quantities are allocated stowage category A and are not subject to the stowage codes assigned by column 10B.

B The shipping description indicates that the proper shipping name applies only to the pure or technically pure hazardous material.

Allethrin, see Pesticides, liquid, toxic, n. Aluminum silicon powder, uncoated.

Ammunition, incendiary with or without burster, expelling charge, or propelling charge. Calcium arsenate and calcium arsenite, mixtures, solid.

Regulations Section | PHMSA

The referenced exceptions are in addition to those specified in subpart A of part and elsewhere in this subchapter. Antimony sulfide, solid, see Antimony compounds, inorganic, n. Alkaline earth metal amalgams, liquid.


Benzenethiol, see Phenyl mercaptan. Column 8B references the section in part of this subchapter which prescribes packaging requirements for non-bulk packagings.

Carbamate pesticides, liquid, flammable, toxic, flash point less than 23 degrees C. Code Rulemaking What Cites Me. Acid, sludge, see Sludge acid. Carbonyl chloride, see Phosgene. Accumulators, pressurized, pneumatic or hydraulic containing non-flamable gassee Articles pressurized, pneumatic or hydraulic containing non-flamable gas.

49 CFR 172.101 – Purpose and use of hazardous materials table.

Ammonia solution, relative density between 0. Arsenical pesticides, liquid, toxic, flammable, flash point not less than 23 degrees C. Castor beans or Castor meal or Castor pomace or Castor flake. Celluloid, in block, rods, rolls, sheets, tubes, etc. Additional label codes are 17.101 of subsidiary hazards.

Ammunition, incendiary, white phosphorus, with burster, expelling charge or propelling charge. If tabke material is a liquid and one is a solidthe maximum net quantity must be calculated in kilograms.