If someone will have the same problem in the future, here is the solution: The content I put into value attribute is an object which holds binary data of a image. I want to display a pdf file using JSF and rich faces, using a4j tag library. Can anyone give me a quick how-to?. The a4j:mediaOutput> component implements one of the basic features specified in the framework. The component is a facility for generating images, video.

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The second parameter is a mdeiaoutput to a ‘value’ attribute of the component. You have to pass some id and fetch the object in the paint method. This can be done with the help of “element” attribute, which possible values are imgobjectappletscriptlink or a. MethodExpression signature must match void createContent java.

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Value specifies a bean class keeping data for transmitting into a method that transmits it into a stream. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. This attribute assigns an access key to an element. It may be used with the same elements as onfocus.


All values are lengths. medjaoutput

mediaOutput (RichFaces JSF components library Tag library documentation)

Define a polygonal region. The method accepts two parameters. ValueExpression must evaluate to javax. This parameter contains deserialized object with data specified in the “value” attribute.

java – How to use a4j:mediaOutput correctly for displaying images? – Stack Overflow

Hence, when using the component it’s possible to output your data of any type on a page with Ajax requests. Component Identification Parameters Name Value component-type org. The first parameter has an OutputStream type. The value of this attribute is a space-separated list of link types onmouseup HTML: By assigning a name to a frame via the name attribute, authors can refer to it as the “target” of links defined by other elements.

All values are lengths.

This mediakutput specifies the position and shape on the screen. Authors should consider the input method of the expected reader when specifying an accesskey.

A bean class transmitted into value should implement Serializable interface in order to be encoded to the URL of the resource. Object deserialized value of data attribute onmouseout HTML: Assigns one or more CSS class names to the component. Dynamical creation of a component from Java code.


NullPointerExeption and NetworkError 400 (Bad Request) by using a4j:mediaOutput from RichFaces

The attribute specifies shape and it position on the screen. Attribute references to the method that will be used for content creating. Sign meiaoutput using Facebook.

Base language of a resource specified with the href attribute; hreflang may only be used with href. The default value is not x4j, but is generally a small, non-zero length lastModified lastModified usemap use client-side image map standby message to show while loading border Deprecated. The first one — with an java. The default value for this attribute depends on the user agent. Component identification parameters Name Value component-type org.