Just found the site- love it. Question- how many tattoos do I need to do these exercises and will I need to shave my head? Kidding- but great. When people ask me about bodyweight strength training, I point them to Al Kavadlo. Pushing the Limits! is a must-have for bodyweight training. It was a book called Raising The Bar by Al Kavadlo. as Raising the Bar was I think Al has taken it to another level with Pushing the Limits!.

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Al Kavadlo’s Blog

By Jatudrei – February 20, 2: A beautiful combination of a workout philosophy pusging attain a physical strength that I always wanted explained in the most logical and sensible way that is applicable to novice trainers like me. Apr 30, Clint rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Come on April i want this. L7 push-up – Needed more anatomical kavadoo on which muscles are worked by each variation. Any plans to make an app zl workouts? I own both books raising the bar and pushing the limits these are by far my favorite books on bodyweight training great job Al.


Visually stunning as well as a wealth of knowledge and inspiration! Is it hard for Danny to keep a straight face when you always have that s!

By J-Lewt – April 10, 7: When people ask me about bodyweight strength training, I point them to Al Kavadlo. We kavadlp felt we were in the presence of greatness. An excellent compendium of bodyweight exercises to try.

Al Kavadlo – Pushing The Limits! | Al Kavadlo

Your City to accompany the review. Kavaddlo Sean – April 10, Not to mention the tons and tons of variations on three really basic exercises that would help out anyone at any age be less of a useless, rotting vegetable.

Great read and some amazing artwork also!

All you need is the will to do it! Ordered the paperback Monday just waiting on the FedEx truck.

Return to Book Page. Convict Conditioning 2 paperback Book. By dhairya – May 7, 5: Written from an advanced perspective for all levels of all genders in a friendly and approachable turn. From a functional stand point Al, Danny, and Paul are spot on!

At the other end of the scale, this book won’t be intimidating for beginners either, very few books can boast both ends of the scale in this detail. Allow up to two business days for this process to be completed. Makes me smile when I get on his youtube videos.


I had a lot of fun making Pushing The Limits!

Unfortunately, much of the information is fairly generic. Provide your last name to accompany the review. By mc70 – April 25, 6: Al zl instruction plainly delivered to help guide you in your fitness journey. That’s how sure we are!

Pushing The Limits! – Total Body Strength With No Equipment by Al Kavadlo

Use whichever path works best for you. Kindles can read the PDF ebook format. Go ahead and try it today. He’s got the best personality and attitude for what he does, and even in print that comes across.

I would highly recommend this to people of all fitness levels.

Pushing The Limits! – Total Body Strength With No Equipment

I am completely pain free and thank these hard working guys for everything they do! Raising the Bar paperback Book. Focuses on limitts ups, squats, and inversions starting from the absolute basics and works up to advanced variations.