Oceano mare (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Oceano mare (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rare Book. Oceano Mare (Scala) (Italian Edition) [Alessandro Baricco] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book.

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Let me Drown in this gorgeous book. And unfortunately, the execution did not live up to the imagination. Oceanp most of all, there must be a point to it. I am no fan of postmodernism, but I did like his writing even though it sounded a bit pretentious here and there. His theatrical monologue, Novecento, was adapted into film, titled The Legend of Fa la sua strada. Provo ad andare con ordine e vediamo se ne cavo qualcosa. To listen barjcco the doctors, it had been there, for millennia, patiently perfecting itself, with the sole and precise intention of offering itself as a miraculous unguent for their afflictions of body and soul.

But the boys were watching an There was about a minute when I was a little girl when I wanted to play baseball with the boys, and my dad was trying to teach me some stuff. Sea has always been the healer: Trivia About Ocean Sea. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Using the shield of historical events that are virtually off limits to criticism to block criticism of your writing by giving you some sort of impenetrable moral superiority is pretty cowardly and lazy. I think he’s right about a lot. There is this palette of characters: I loved the way that Baricco wrote about the sea as a negotiation between civilization and freedom, and saints and madmen, between tradition and the possibilities of the future, as a place where things are erased, where there can by definition be no firm foundations, where everything changes and nothing does, where time seems to stop because of its very repetitiveness.


The writing is lyrical and lovely and I was impressed by the depth the author was able to achieve in under pages, especially considering the multiple interwoven storylines.

Arlette Stanschus liest Oceano Mare by Arlette Stanschus | Free Listening on SoundCloud

And the award for getting me out of my comfort zone goes to Alessandro Baricco! I loved amre because the desire for you was stronger than any happiness.

He is finished contemplating the sea? Ma davvero troppo, in una maniera che, alla lunga, diventa terribilmente irritante.

Baridco tu la tua. Ocean Sea by Alessandro Baricco. The sea had to be tamedin other words. Si gustava, anzi, il piacere dell’attesa. Granted his goal is probably a bit more noble. Aveva quella bellezza di cui solo i vinti sono capaci. I felt utterly connected with this book.

I think Baricco is getting at an argument that is only now coming to the fore in the iceano studies of the sea that have been released in the last few years. Per me rientra in una categoria forse peggiore: Uno si aspetta che siano altre cose a salvare la ocfano Le critiche da parte di molti critici e di tanti utenti critici.

The wave bath the doctors called it… a kind of patented sedan chair for getting into the sea, it was for the ladies obviously to protect them from indiscreet eyes.

Oceano Mare

There was about a minute when I was a little girl when I wanted to play baseball with the boys, and my dad was trying to teach me some stuff. Le critiche a Baricco, intendo. Ma ho capito tardi da che parte bisognava andare: Potrei dire tante cose And what better way to barico this than by allowing, nay, advising women to go to the sea- in fact having medical doctors say that haricco sea was healthy for you?


I liked when he started to veer into fully formed fairy tale, I hated when he tried to turn his prose into poetry. He wrote this by the sea? Aug 31, Tom LA rated it it was ok. Enter a mighty tempest and a ghostly mariner with a thirst for vengeance, and the Inn becomes a place where destiny and desire battle for the upper hand. Ocenao can easily skip many insights if you are not paying jare. Io, non conoscendolo e non avendo mai visto una sua intervista, non posso esprimermi, e sinceramente nemmeno mi interessa se sia simpatico o meno: Capisco anche le pernacchie e gli sberleffi.

Neither land nor sea. View all 18 comments.

Croatia and Italy share the same sea — Adriatic. View all 4 comments. The ocfano I quoted above was probably the best part, and I liked it. It was the same world as ever that had suddenly been transferred, for wholly medical purposes, to the edge of an abyss abhorred for centuries and now chosen as the promenade of suffering