This book was good in fact one of Jo Beverley’s best written story of ‘an arranged marriage’. Though I did not care for Lucian hitting Beth, I did understand were. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jo Beverley has won the Following the highly-acclaimed An Arranged Marriage, “An Unwilling Bride” is. Twenty-some years ago, a Dukes wife had a one time affair with an old flame while her husband was away. She gets pregnant & her husband realizes the child.

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The other thing that Beverley claims now and in later books is that Beth runs around ebverley rags and hobnobs with servants when she never SHOWED her do anything like that.

One of the things I love about this book is that she does recognize it, that she knows Latin, poetry, and Wollstonecraft, and has sharp wits and a tongue to defend herself. This did not have that. Set at the time of the battle of Waterloo and with some really interesting historical insights particularly with regard to the running of a ducal household and the family’s interaction with their servantsthe story of an arrangemed marriage turning into a love match is one that works in any era.

He’s the opposite of the heroine: And luckily, they do come to that conclusion by the end. Things are said and taken not in the intended way all the time. The build up is really nicely done, though, and their dancing Zebra, do you want a new proofreader? Personally, I think Beth is more modern than is supported, but the real problem comes with plot elements that has Beth backtracking a bit and eventually taking a stance that is something of a betrayal of those ideals when view spoiler [she so readily forgives Lucien hitting her in a moment of extreme distress.


So invoking feminist principles anachronistically works against specific events in the book in a way that will cause an emotional backlash from those engaged in those modern principles. And ultimately, in bevdrley, he hits her. The young man waited impatiently for his assistance to be sought so that he would learn the cause of it all. Can there be any common ground? She quickly attained a position as a youth employment officer untilworking first in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, and then in West Bridgford, Nottinghamshire.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads uunwilling. The review of this Book prepared by Kim Mills. Here man and wife both have illegitimate children that now have to marry to make it all good, and the reason Duke brie mount Duchess was he didn’t want to be tempted to kill bastard if he got a real son, so hey, there is actual reason and thought behind the plot tanglements.

Neither is necessarily going into this with a happy face, but neither really has the means not to be manipulated into the marriage, either.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. You can probably read this one without the first, but you’d miss quite a bit of the characterization.

She knows what happened, but also knows that what is is real and powerful and brkde rely on that. View all 3 comments.

Katherine Kingsley Call Down the Moon.

An Unwilling Bride (The Company of Rogues Series, Book 2)

I understand that the Duke threatened her livelihood and her friends, but I also wonder at her not thinking of any alternatives, including running away she could always have changed her name and worked as a governess in the country, or attempted to leave for Canada or causing a scandal if the Duke didn’t leave her alone.

That’s my take on the heroine of this novel and it’s a large part of why I disliked this story so much. Zebra Books- Fiction – pages.

That lasts more than many other things. I don’t unwillnig write long-ish reviews, but I feel like I need to defend my rating. But then, neither was An Arranged Marriage. Sir Stephen Ball, M.


An Unwilling Bride – Jo Beverley – Google Books

I didn’t like Lucien at all, and I found Beth rather cold. But I do have to say that Beverley is a great writer, because I did finish the book. I did not find this an easy or always pleasant ab. No current Talk conversations about this book. Such a cheeky git.

An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverley – FictionDB

So how do we go from all of that to a HEA? I understand how Beverley has explored this. Hell, she could have just thought about what she wanted in life and been as ruthless in her determination to get it as the Duke was. I would have liked more depth with that part of the story.

This one’s definitely my least favorite in the series so far. Plus, I really hate when the hero has mistresses and is sexually experienced and then acts enraged if he suspects the heroine isn’t a virgin.

Lucien de Vaux, Marquess of Arden and heir to a dukedom, is veverley to offer marriage to a young lady when his father stops him. They spar, sneer, bicker and mostly rub each other the wrong way- but not in the sexual way. I actually liked her and liked where the relationships ended up. And I thought it was weird that his best friend fell in love with Blanche and wanted to marry her, and there were things said about her becoming his mistress until he could get her to marry him.

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