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Do anything to make Mother believe. As always, I can count on Exotic India to find treasures not found in stores in my area. And rest assured that I will soon order more books. So while it is unusual for Kabir to have lived such a long life, it is by no means impossible; and since tradition has fixed on those dates from early times, and nothing else about Kabir’s life is any less unusual, it seems reasonable to accept them.

As Jesus said to John the Baptist, when the latter in amazement asked him why he had come to him, “Thus it becometh us to fulfill all righteousness. Dharam Das, you are a pure soul, who, meeting with me, have re- moved your pain.

Each of them had her essence in her. Whatever it takes to bring him, go and do it, and bring him back. There are variations on those dates: He said, “There is no limit to the limitless Lord.


It is very difficult to find out much about the Mahatmas of the past — their birth, their place of birth, their parents, their early life, etc. Since the julahas were by definition Muslims, and since Kabir is an Islamic name it is actually Arabic and is found in the Koranhis Islamic faith would appear to be beyond dispute.

The Saints always remain within the Will of God. Birds like that are rare, and rare are the jivas who merge themselves in Naam.

But while the span is long, even for spiritual Masters, it is not unprecedented: The disciples who won’t sacrifice everything, and keep fraud in their hearts while showing love on their faces, How can they go to Sat Lok?

The first half is an explicit declaration of the esoteric identification of the Naam i. Each churning brings forth a thicker aspect of the creation- stuff, and the specific things mentioned are used in determining the form of the creation. This is the stage to which perfect Masters or Sants take their disciples; Sat Purush Himself takes them fur- ther into the Absolute.


The Father “cannot destroy or savar Kal because he is His son: Hearing the words of Sat Purush, Saagr was pleased. I met Raghuvacharya on two occasions — in and — when he was well over years old.

She spoke attractive words in a sweet voice; she thought of having sexual relations with Dharam Rai. Taking the women with them, they came and bowed down to their mother.

dagar If, as we have seen, anhraag nature of Kal or Time is such that he cannot be separated from the wholeness of the Father without falling, then Sat Purush must in some way take ultimate respon- sibility for his deeds. Intelligent, long-lived, reptilian, neither evil nor good, but indifferent to man, Shesh Nag has no place in the universe once it is dominated by humans anurqag his role in Anurag Sagar is minor.

See Streams in the Desert, p. Who is a Sadhu? Sometimes used in this book as a synonym for Naam or Shabda, the Sound Current as a whole. Dharam Rai thought, “How do I develop these worlds? One who believes the words of the Masters, only he becomes the bhringi.

You have blood and we also have the same blood! According to Kirpal Singh, “The Masters give a very sim- ple definition of sin as ‘forgetting of origin’ Godhead]. And this is true: It is a rule with all great Masters that they never belittle a person, but with love they make the people understand. Kal Literally, “Time” or “Darkness”; the name of the Negative Power, or that aspect of the One God that flows downward and is responsible for the creation and maintenance of the causal, astral and physical planes.

He did this devotion standing on one foot, and the gracious Sat Purush felt pity for him. I don’t believe your words; I don’t like this business. His story is written in the scriptures, and it tells of how he studied the holy and other books extensively and became the most learned man for many miles around, so he called himself Sarbajeet, meaning one who has won above all others.


All this you have done, my God; I was very dirty.

Secret of My Existence If no one knows of the existence of the Negative Power, then his actions will be ascribed to the Positive Power, as indeed they often are.

Kal’s disappearance is tied up with his injunction two lines below: Nanak here is referring to the ancient Indian doctrine of the four Yugas or cycles of time, which somewhat parallels the Western belief in the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.

One who understands “beautiful” and “ugly” as the same, and doesn’t look at the body, enjoys happiness forever. So that is why, according to the understanding of the people, stories are told about the Saints. From His place of hiding He could see the people returning from His home the next day, and all of them were remarking, “Well done, Kabir!

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Do not believe them— this is completely untrue. Sgar say that love is easy, but its attack is like that of the tiger. I haven’t had my father’s darshan yet!

Those who object to this maintain that Loi and the children were all disciples only; but as the traditions clearly depict all three in an intimate relationship with Kabir on a daily domestic basis, it is extremely unlikely that they were not his physical family.

After rebuking them sternly for forgetting his teachings so soon, he lay down, covered himself with sheets, and told everyone to leave. When he merges into the Elementless, lust will be finished. You are saying that he is your Master but he doesn’t believe that. Understanding me as Your servant, throw light on this matter. I am telling you the truth; your mother has sent me to bring you back. He doesn’t have any fear, not even when he sacrifices his head. Thanks to the grace of the living Son of Eternity, Sant Ajaib Singh Ji, eighteenth in the line of direct spiritual descent from Kabir, such a commentary has been provided.