Introduction Le but de l’étude est la mise au point d’une méthode d’auscultation dynamique non destructive du béton qui permettrait à terme de contrôler les. Laboratoire de contrôle du béton et étude de sol: Contrôle de qualité du béton. Essai de compression sur d’auscultation dynamique aux. 9 avr. Auscultation et surveillance des perturbations hydromécaniques d’ouvrages souterrains par les modules élastiques dynamiques des roches.

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Ground Improvement Journal,No. Evaluation and new Interpretations of soil collapse identification criteria. Identification of collapsible soil using the Fall Cone apparatus. Application of electrokinetics auscultatioh metal removal from biosolids in cold climate. Effect of Ammonium sulfate and potassium chloride on the wetting induced collapse strain of soils.


Detection of Concrete Deterioration Under Asphalt Overlays by Microseismic Refraction

Failure process of stone column in collapsible soils. Settlement of Group of Stone Columns. Hidden conditions in foundation engineering.

Click on one of the icons to share the company. Traitement des betons et mortiers a base de sables concasses locaux par dgnamique adjuvants. Effect of inclusions and compacting energy on the degree of packing and shear characteristics of a granular soil. Assessment of some factors affecting soil collapse behaviour.

Accepted Indian Geotechnical Journal. This service is produced by Kompass. Internationnal Journal of Engineering, Volume 25, number 1, February, pp. Register Forgot your password?

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Accepted for publication in press. Bicriteria resource allocation problem in pert networks. OttawaGeo Conference, October. Ambily and Shailesh R.

Gestion et organisation de la ville. Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science, 7 4: Assistance et conseil technique. Oran Testing services for consumer goods. Tentatively accepted, Journal of Acta Goetechnica.


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You might also like. Assessment of soil collapse prediction methods. Help with expert advice. The data we collect are only those necessary for the proper use of our service. Dely Ibrahim Research, general. Comportement de colonnes ballastees dans un sol effondrable renforcees ou non par geotextiles.

Passive earth pressure on embedded vertical plate, Journal Acta Geotechnica, Volume 6: International Journal of Engineering, 17 1April, Bordj El Bahri Materials testing, assaying, analysing and inspection services.