View and Download Uniden BCT15 owner’s manual online. scanner radio with Trunk Tracker III and automatic scanning capabilities. BCT15 Scanner pdf. Uniden BCT15 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual. Get support for your Uniden BCT15X Scanner at Uniden Customer Support. Corporate Info ยท Find Your Product Scanners BCT15X User Manual.

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If you press the wrong key when you press the power key to set your startup configuration, and that wrong key doesn’t have any systems assigned to that key, you will startup your scanner with all systems locked out. Scroll to Auto56.

Uniden BCT15 Manuals

If you omit the subfleet still need the hyphenthe scanner treats this field as a wildcard will treat the subfleet as 1 ID and receive all IDs in the subfleet. Press to toggle selected State frequencies or Dept. See also Deciphering Trunked Systems a t the Wiki. GPS Mznual Alerts – notifies you bct155 you are near an area you have programmed as a dangerous road, dangerous intersection, or a general point of interest.

Top Questions for Uniden BCT15X Scanner

To turn Alert Mute on or offtemporary: Do not use excessive amounts manuxl water. Dynamically Allocated Channel Memory – organized into ‘Systems’, ‘Sites’, within trunking systems’Groups’ within systemsand channels within groups.

The Fire Tone-Out works very well after you find the tones but because you can’t scan channels at the same time why put it in a scanner that has so many other features? To program the current location press and hold GPS for 2 seconds.

Press Menu to save and exit. Set Type If you want to change the location type, the scanner resets the available options based on the new location type and the scanner goes back to the ‘ Program Location ‘ menu for that location. Continue at ‘ Edit Name ‘ below. If the ‘Close Call Hits’ system has no frequencies, the scanner does not scan the system. Allows you to automatically store Close Call hits into channels.

  ISO 16845 PDF

If the frequency is already stored in the group, ‘ Frequency Exists Accept? An overview of the features can also be viewed at my Trunking Radio Comparison Chart page.

Uniden BCT15 Owner’s Manual

Then majual 29and Hold while turning it on remember the game called Twister? Allows you to automatically store Close Call hits into channels. To search for another weather channel turn the scroll control. For trunking systems, you have to create at least 1 ‘Site’ Motorola and EDACS only or multiple sites first that hold the trunking frequencies for each site.

Simply hold down a number key while powering on the scanner, or while the opening screen is displayed, and systems assigned to that number key are automatically unlocked and systems assigned to other startup keys are automatically locked. Once you have mankal systems builtsystems options configured, Groups Createdand your Channels Programmedyou can set your channel options. Since you can normally only hear one side of a conversation when you listen to an input frequency transmission, turning this feature amnual can let you hear both sides of the conversation on the output frequency.

You can also lock out this wildcard ID so you will not receive I-Calls. The Startup Configuration option lets you quickly and automatically lock and unlock systems based on how you assign your startup keys.

Adjust Key Beep this setting turns the key beep on or off and adjusts the volume level. The third line of the screen shows ‘ Off ‘ if no Bct115 is selected. In this case, the scanner displays each Tone-Out channel for two seconds. Searching For A Weather Bvt15 Set C-CH Output allows you to choose how you want the scanner to handle control channel data output.


If you have programmed data for a Point of Interest, Dangerous Crossing, and a Dangerous Road, you can review the type, range setting, and location information for each location. Setting Location Information Copying a system will copy all sites, groups, channels, and settings including quick key assignments.

With Key-Safe Mode you are stuck with just the last mode the scanner was in when you turned off the radio i. I have written this manual to keep all of you from giving up hope, loosing you mind, trying to return your scanner, or all of the above. To Edit Weather Options press Menu. For more information about Uniden and our products, visit http: You can then trunkscan just the programmed IDs.

You can assign quick keys and copy and paste most of the freqs, alpha tags, and IDs easily into the software. The Close Call feature works well for locating the source of strong local transmissions such as mobile and handheld two-way radios in areas with no other strong transmission sources. Max Hold Search Mode ‘ MAX ‘ shows in the display and will freeze the signal strength bars at their strongest signals.

In Tone-Out Standby Mode: Set Delay Time selects in seconds the amount of time the scanner stays on a channel after the transmission has ended before moving to the next channel. The Menu mode of the BCT15 is very powerful.

Scanner Enthusiast Welcome to the family of Uniden scanner users. Stores location, direction of travel, and speed. Press to manuzl to previous menu.

Note that the scanner will scan all unlocked channels at least one time, regardless of the system hold time setting.