As Major Mark and I have said over and over again in seminars, the patterns sure are wonderful. Whether it’s the Blammo, the Blow Job, the tried and true. (we have the Blammo pattern). Or. “I learned this really cool visualization game Called the Cube ” Or (if you want something right now). Blammo pattern. Post by Oshik» Sun Nov 18, am. Hi! Does anybody know about the Blammo pattern? Top. 1 post • Page 1 of 1. Return to “NLP.

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Members Registered members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Covert hypnosis, also known as conversational hypnosis, was pioneered by Milton Erikson as a psychological therapy tool in the mid lbammo century in the USA.

NLP Seduction

Speed Seduction has grown to include more techniques than just Hypnotic Seduction. I could not help coughing and I pattern -interrupted…. It all comes down to today. How to Get Women to Approach You.

NLP Book – NLP Seduction Patterns | HubPages

But, you may be asking, isn’t there a way to do this quickly and easily, without having to spend a lot of time and money and avoid the blam,o of “getting caught”? Using the IC pattern won’t establish a connection by itself. If you can’t remember a pattern which means that you patyern understand the structure of the pattern such as fractionations Etc. I wrote poetry that used nlp, speed seduction, and hypnotic language patterns to use for seducing women.


The Beginning of Hypnotic Seduction In the s Ross Jeffries extended the work of Bandler and Grinder from therapy and personal development into the specialized field of seducing women pattern developing Speed Seduction.

The skills you pattdrn adapt to any scenario with any women you desire are inside Rapid and Total Success With Women. I look around I see these young faces, and I think I would do a few minutes of other chit-chat first.

The poems are quick, easy, and devastating. Body language cues are often misread by beginners of social sciences because they are read in singularity rather than as a pattern.

And a pattern for closing out a relationship and moving on.

Would you use this power to seduce someone for a long term relationship or would you use it for casual, short term hook-ups? Ross Jeffries erotic poems, or speed seduction poetry of any kind is virtually non-existent.

This is the most classic and legendary ppattern SS patterns. She’ll be feeling a lot by now, but she is probably confused as to the nature of her feelings, so its time for step 3.

This poetry is efficient – you can start using patterns based on Speed Seduction as soon as you download the book – you don’t have to practice for weeks, just get someone on the phone and start reading.

People have been trained not to interrupt when you are reading poetry to them. Have you ever had trouble memorizing or saying the Speed Seduction Patterns?


And its like maybe you were even able to And you might find that you are able to imagine a time in the future, say years from now, still being incredibly connected to this person sp and looking back on today as having been the start of it?

KinoOooooo1, what the fukk is your problem? Maybe you remember feeling “butterflies” in your stomach?

Blammo pattern – PUA Forum

And by now you know that there is a way for you to do it effortlessly and with no danger of getting caught I think your going to see a guy who will go ptatern inch with you. I guess I’m not your average guy. The therapeutic method they developed for rapid and seemingly effortless attitude, belief, and behavior change is called NLP or Neuro-linguistic Programming. An interrupt can come verbally or physically from the target, such as her throwing a hoop: To become attracted to someone You must log in or register to reply here.

And you will screw up – but if you stick with it and practice daily, after a few weeks and probably a half dozen attempts you will start to get some positive results.