Piranesi | Designing from Ruins of AntiquityAmong the many conundrums of Jorge Luis Borges’ story “The Immortal” is the City of Immortals. The Immortal by Jorge Luis Borges. First Edition Provenance: February as a short story (Publisher unknown). Excerpt Provenance. By Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Caeares, and Norman Thomas di No longer subject to the exigencies of corporeality, they were immortal.

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I am not certain whether I ever believed in the City of the Immortals; I think the task of finding it was enough for me. The Answer, I said that the answer to life is death. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here The gods who built it have died. Your email address will not be published.

The Immortal (short story)

You borgfs commenting using your Facebook account. He lived for a century in the City of the Immortals, and when it was destroyed it was he who counseled that this other one be built. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I am not certain how many chambers there were; my misery and anxiety multiplied them. This is revealed once it becomes clear that the mute troglodytes are the immortals.

He has entered a realm of namelessness, a realm where the individual dies and returns to the cosmic fold of anonymity.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I have said that the City was builded on a stone plateau. I had made my way through a dark maze, but it was the bright City of the Immortals that terrified and repelled me. But the content shared here proved that elixir of immortality does exist. This site uses cookies. This City, I thought, is so horrific that its mere existence, the mere fact of its having endured immirtals even in the middle of a secret desert— pollutes the past and the future and somehow compromises the stars.

Flavius, the Getulian proconsul, entrusted two tge soldiers to me for the venture; I also recruited a number of mercenaries who claimed they knew the roads, and who were the first to desert.

Some people have a bad relationship with death lmmortals refuse to acknowledge it immortald the time has come. However, it can also be said, without too subtle of an insight, that Rufus becomes the immortal once he embarks upon his journey. After hearing that the remaining soldiers are planning his death, Rufus flees and wanders through the desert. A maze is a house built purposely to confuse men; its architecture, prodigal in symmetries, is made to serve that purpose.


Borges sets the tone for a mysterious quest in the first few pages, as descriptions of places and cities on the way to locating the City of Immortals elevate the mythical status of not only the city to be found but also a world unknown to history.

Rufus wakes up from a nightmare borgex find himself tied ikmortals in a small recess on the side of a mountain inhabited by Troglodytes. I can see how Immortald was inspired by his writing and I adore the fact that she was able to create her own style and her own visions despite this.

The introduction takes place in London in the first part of June Homer composed the Odyssey ; if we postulate an infinite period of time, with infinite circumstances and changes, the impossible thing is not to compose the Odysseyat least once. And many a time, I thought about writing my thoughts on his stories, only to find that I had no words to say.

Jorge Luis Borges’ City of the Immortals (Utopias and Dystopias #5)

The story tells about a immorrals who mistakenly achieves immortality and then, weary of a immrtals life, struggles to lose it and writes an account of his experiences. When one gives up individuality and relinquishes their role in life, they become a part of mankind as a species and that allows a certain immortality.

On the opposite bank is the City of the Immortals. He died before dawn, but I resolved to go in quest of that city and its river. No one is anyone, one single immortal man is all men.

InRufus’ ship runs aground in Eritrea while en route to Bombay, and he drinks from a spring, losing his immortality. His best-known books, Ficciones Fictions and El Aleph The Alephpublished in the s, are compilations of short stories interconnected by common themes, including dreams, labyrinths, libraries, mirrors, fictional writers, philosophy, and religion.

Bodges could see fortifications, arches, frontispieces, and forums; the foundation of it all was a stone plateau. Weariness made my muscles slack, but I climbed the stairs, only pausing from time to time to sob clumsily with joy.


February Learn how and when to remove this template message. Little by little I began to discern friezes and the capitals of columns, triangular pediments and vaults, confused glories carved in granite and marble. But there is an added twist: But it is not merely a matter that the narrative is unreliable; rather, immortality destroys the conventions of authorship and of narration itself. At the foot of the mountain ran a noiseless, impure stream, clogged by sand and rubble; on the far bank, the patent City of the Immortals shone dazzlingly in the last or first rays of the sun.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Determined to find it, Rufus sets out for Africa with his soldiers.

Jorge Luis Borges’ City of the Immortals (Utopias and Dystopias #5) – Alex Sager

The harsh conditions of the trip cause many of his men to desert or fall to sickness and death. They set off to find it knowing that eventually they will drink from every river and find the one that allows them to die. Views Read Edit View history. I would sit and read, my coffee going cold, while I tapped my forehead with a ragged nail, writing down notes feverishly. A labyrinth is a structure compounded to confuse men; its architecture, rich in symmetries is subordinated to that end. Indoctrinated by a practice of centuries, the republic of immortal men had attained the perfection of tolerance and almost that of indifference.

Instead of finding immorgals city, he finds a labyrinth; Borges was fascinated with labyrinths, which I can respect. The story consists of a quote, an introduction, obrges chapters, and a postscript. Though he has a name, he loses it in the middle of the story and the primitive men surrounding him live in a world of wordlessness: