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Land snails, like all other terrestrial animals, must cope with the problem of maintaining water balance.

The Quagga mussel Dreissena rostriformis bugensis Andrusov, is a Ponto-Caspian freshwater bivalve which, in addition to the Zebra mussel Dreissena polymorpha Pallas, has been successfully colonising European aquatic areas since the beginning of the 20th century.

Members of superfamily Raphignathoidea are important biological control agents of spider mites, eriophyid mites, and scale insects in agriculture and forestry.

catalin baboianu – Google+

On the other hand, the lighting of bats roosts remarkably disturbs their rhythm of activity. Among the three Isophya species, I. Of the three cases where putative cryptic species were detected based on the mtDNA and weak morphological characters, only one is highly supported by the phylogenetic analysis of the nuclear gene.

The Ist type is more abundant during the mature stage, the IInd type is more abundant during the maturing stage, the IIIrd type is more abundant in the resorptive stage and the IVth type, during the resorptive and imature stages. It can be noticed that in the southern region of the Sierra de Guara rodents outnumber insectivores.

North Carolina State University. Localities in the northern part of the Sierra de Guara are situated ca. Regarding the status of habitats in the northern side of the administrative territory of Racovita, we can say that it is favorable, not logging out of control. Concerning the number of species, we found two distinct situations in extremes. Currently, the skeletal collection of the P. The understanding of these relationships can propose possible measures to increase the Grey Partridge populations.


One species of Araneae Lessertinella kulczynskii Lessert, and two species of Collembola Deuteraphorura cebennaria Gisin,Pygmarrhopalites cochlearifer Gisin, are reported as new records for the Romanian fauna. The estimated damage to sheet amounted to While the legal pet trade with aquatic turtles in Romania is focused almost exclusively on exotic species such as Graptemys sp.

For every carcass we recorded the GPS position, biometric measurements, decomposition stage and estimated age considering total length and development stage of the reproductive apparatus. The Earth rotation causes the daily change of lighting day and nightwhile the change in the inclination of the Earth axis relative to the Sun is the cause of the annual cycle of seasonal climate changes.

Ac o led eme ts Alberto M. Records of species of great faunistical and zoogeographical importance for the Romanian fauna are included. As unfavorable trends for long-distance migrants, such as the Black Stork, they are more and more studied from the migrational costs point of view. This is a natural reserve about 1. The traces of rook were found in two out of four nests.

For this period maximum rainfall recoded was 50 mm, whilst daily potential evapotranspiration varied between 2.

Our educational brochure was distributed in copies in 41 locations, including universities, protected areas, bookstores and local NGOs. Moreover there is a lack in data concerning baboiqnu space stability, especially during winter when birds are known to be more erratic.

They were found in various ecosystems: All the other species are open habitat species, except for the wood mouse, A. Our preliminary results show that despite the intensive pollution in the past, ant communities slowly recover. In this order, leaves of oak trees were taken to the laboratory. The molecular diversity of the honey bee Apis mellifera sahariensis in Southern Algeria has been analyzed through the study of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA.

Baboinu the other hand, the large baboiahu gap could be explained by the existence of a number of cryptic species currently designated as A. Then, leakage of seed examined by electrical conductivity EC and osmotic potential yp after three days later Forghani et al.

Effect of which there are lists of species present in caves Skalski All these discoveries contributed to the foundation of the Museum of Mammoth in Among them Aceria elaeagnicola, Aceria chenopodia and Aceria tristriatus were found abundantly and almost with wide distribution in these areas.


Despite the importance of harpacticoids as a substantial component of spring meiofaunal assemblages, no comprehensive study has been undertaken in the Western Carpathian spring fens up to now. We also note that some of the species previously recorded by us were not found during this investigation. The Mountain Horned Dragon exhibited bacterial interstitial pneumonia, hemorrhagic necrotizing enteritis, hepatic lipidosis, bone marrow with lymphoid depletion, and a pulmonary 10 mm segmented white parasite, attributable to Linguatula genus.

The values of Shannon diversity index in spring period were comprised between 0. The year was characterized by a catastrophic drought, particularly pronounced in the study area.

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Until now, the only dacetine ant known from Romania was Strumigenys baudeuri Emery, Immature stages larvae, protonymph and deutonymph and females of B. Mannaki Whenua Press, p. Ablepharus kitaibelii is cataoin smallest lizard in Europe: These records were georeferenced using Google Earth ver. The material is dominated by limb bone epiphyses, suggesting that the upper Palaeolithic site from Buda functioned as a kill site, where the steppe bisons were butchered and the distal limb bones were cracked for marrow extraction.

All hamster species are rare and their populations especially that of Cricetus cricetus have sharply decreased throughout Europe in bavoianu years, mainly due to the changes in agriculture Nechay, The analyses of the Ponto-Caspian taxa geographic range allow us to reveal an unexpected characteristic of their ecological preferences. Laelapidae associated with Polyphylla olivieri Castelnau Coleoptera: It puts in evidence the ecological factors involved in the evolution of vector populations, permits the establishing caralin risk areas for every disease and the interruption of the transmission cycles by permanent monitoring and control of vectors applying integrated control programmes.