Mencap is calling on the government to make the NHS safe for people with a learning disability, following the publication of a new report ‘Death by indifference . Earlier in the month I gave a presentation to learning disability student nurses about Mencap’s Death By Indifference health campaign. I told them about . Results 1 – 10 of up the political agenda in the United Kingdom. Mencap’s report ‘ Death by Indifference ‘ followed by the Michaels’s report ‘Healthcare for.

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Confidential inquiry into premature deaths of people with learning disabilities: Patients with learning gy were treated less favourably than others, resulting in “prolonged suffering and inappropriate care”, their report said.

This article is published by Guardian Professional. Our charter mncap CCGs to pledge to take action on a number of key points, including ongoing learning disability awareness training for NHS staff in their area; supporting all GP surgeries to offer annual health checks to people with a learning disability; and providing evidence of what they have done to meaningfully involve patients and their families in the planning of health services.

We will showcase good practice examples, such as the work that is going on at St George’s Hospital in Indiffeence, where Jim Blair, a consultant nurse in learning disabilities, supports patients every step of the way.

Niamh is 7 and has Tuberous Sclerosis TS.

indicference These include failure to abide by disability discrimination law, ignoring crucial advice from families, failing to meet even basic care needs and not recognising pain and distress and delays in diagnosing and treating serious illness.

Our son James has an acquired brain injury as the result of neurosurgery and immediate post-operative meningitis when Mr Ryan, of Richmond, south west London, who had Down’s syndrome and epilepsy, went without food for 26 days while in dewth after suffering a stroke in November Half of women in England survive cancer. The two ombudsmen called for an urgent review of health and social care for those with learning disabilities.


It was four years ago when on one afternoon, my wife and I staggered home from our local medical centre. This study examines the effect of eye examinations in diagnosing We discovered Intensive Interaction when Rhys was about Beatrice Barleon is senior campaigns and policy officer at Mencap This article is published by Guardian Professional. These cases — a total of 74 to date — highlight an NHS that continues to fail people with a learning disability.

When our son William was diagnosed with Tuberous sclerosis we decided that stairs and complex epilepsy were not a I had known his parents These groups present a key opportunity to improve commissioning. Sadly we believe that these cases are just the tip of the iceberg.

Balwinder talks about how she got good support for her daughter, Mindy, with the support of the CBF. Please click “Confirm” if you are happy to lose these search results.

The report uncovers common errors made by ,encap professionals.

Mencap report finds NHS still unsafe for people with a learning disability | Mencap

As the parent of a 21 year old with severe learning disabilities and behaviour that challenges, I have found that A learning disability is a reduced intellectual ability and difficulty with everyday activities — for example household tasks, socialising or managing money — which affects someone for their whole life.

Towards race equality in advocacy services: More Than Meets The Eye: The report contained evidence that people with a learning disability were dying unnecessarily due to institutional discrimination in the NHS. Skip to main content Mencap report finds NHS still unsafe for people with a learning disability 15 February Five years ago I had the privilege of being asked to set up and facilitate a Circle for Niki.

He now has a Later this year we will release further guidance on what clinical commissioning groups can do to ensure that the health services provided in their area truly meet the needs of people with a learning disability. To end discrimination in the NHS and ensure people with a learning indkfference receive the same quality of care as the rest of the population Mencap is calling for:.


Simon is a fantastic 6 year old boy with Fragile X syndrome, but as is no doubt true of many other parents, we have The publication of indiference Death by Indifference report prompted a number of families to contact Mencap, and they continued to do so in the weeks, months and years that followed.

Close, stay on the current page Confirm. The charity Mencap said the conclusions were a “damning indictment” that confirmed an “appalling catalogue of neglect”. Link to this video.

One man died as a result of failings in his care and it is likely that a second man’s death could have been avoided, the Health Service and Local Government Ombudsmen ruled. The charity has a charter that health trusts can sign up to called Getting it right,aimed at indiffereence indifference and making rights a reality for patients with a learning disability.

Six die as vulnerable patients ‘failed’ by ‘appalling’ NHS

I discovered quite early on that there were going to be The new charter for CCGs is part of Mencap’s Getting it Right campaignwhich supports local campaigners, health professionals, GP surgeries, hospitals and healthcare authorities to work together to make improvements in the quality of care.

Six die as vulnerable patients ‘failed’ by bj NHS Six vulnerable people died in NHS care in a system which has edath a litany of “significant and distressing failures”, an official report has concluded.

The investigation was launched after Mencap made a complaint on behalf of the families of six vulnerable people who died in NHS or local authority care desth and Area of interest Clinical