Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Mansur al-Hallaj, Diwan al-Hallaj. “On the roof, under His moon and exploding stars, Your Spirit mixed with my Spirit little by little, by turns, through reunions and . I got up and for some reason felt an urge to read from the Diwan of Hallaj. I opened up the book and came upon a selection that moved my heart in a very deep.

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O people, is the affliction cured by the affliction? Tell me, upon my life, you who are my hearing and my seeing, Why this going back and forth in my farness and exile? You are the purpose of my seeking!

Mojaddedi, Jawid March 1, Haolaj Asia and Middle Eastquote: Part of the plot of the novel involves a geopolitical conspiracy of an allied China-Russia-Iran to execute a Pearl Harbor-like sneak attack invasion of the Middle-East oil reserves to sever the “oil jugular” of the West, leading to a threatened WWIII. This was exacerbated by occasions when he would fall into trances which he attributed to being in the presence of God. From his early teens he was drawn to learning and spirituality.

Few figures in Islam provoked as much debate among classical commentators as al-Hallaj. Views Read Edit View history. Although the majority of early Sufi ahllaj condemned him, he was almost unanimously canonized by later generations of Sufis. Look not to find fidelity Within a world hal,aj weakly stayed; This ancient crone, ere flouting thee, A thousand bridegrooms had betrayed.


The rise of Islam was instrumental in uniting the warring Arab tribes into a powerful empire. He once said “Ana al-haqq” “I am the Truth or God”something people at the time found offensive and could not understand, because of that. You are my secrecy and my intimacy Here I am at hallam command, here I am! MSyaheed Shafian rated it really liked it Oct 11, hallxj Mohamed Taytay rated it really liked it Aug 25, HanifBiographical Encyclopaedia of Sufis: I picked Justin up at the train station and we spent the afternoon together talking.

The night before I met Justin I was unable to sleep. Catholic Doctrines on Jews and Muslimsquote: February 8th, Comments Off on Islam without Extremes.

ديـوان الـحـلاج – Diwan al-Hallaj

Moez rated it it was amazing Aug 29, Untuk memahami maksud dan makna puisi al-Hallaj, paling tidak pembaca harus berkutat dahulu dengan pemahaman tasawuf; “Anaal-Haq! His words were imbued with the perplexity that overwhelm a heart drowned in the ocean of love. His father was a cotton carder and he learned the same diqan, hence his nickname Al Hallaj.

Al Hallaj often expressed his understanding of Oneness in paradoxical and beautifully poetic ways. Nov 05, Satyajeet rated it really liked it.

Mansur Al-Hallaj

He is the archetypal sensual, erotic and profligate poet and Baghdad court favorite of the Caliph. You are my faith and my world!

The poetry was the poetry of the tribe or clan, articulating its legends, heroes, geneology, iteration of its strong “tribal code” of norms and exploits. His death is a subject of legend, some saying he died in prison for writing blasphemous verse, others that he died in a whorehouse, some saying he was murdered in reprisal for lampooning a powerful court personage, and still others that he died peacefully in his sleep in the home of a learned Shi’ite scholar. Memoir of a Friend: Then he attended a talk by Andrew Harvey at Omega and what he heard lit the fire of longing in his heart to communicate with the Divine.


Perhaps the most controversial Su! Lists with This Book. Many Sufi masters felt that it was inappropriate to share mysticism with the masses, yet Al-Hallaj openly did so in his writings and through his teachings.

Spiritual quotes of Hallaj

Spiritus Mundi on Goodreads: Spiritus Mundi on Amazon, Book I: Dermot Griffin rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Mahbub rated it it was amazing Jan 19, Similar to the Bible, a significant part of the Koran focuses on the coming Apocalypse, or end of time and the consequent Last Judgment of all souls.

IslamSunni [2] [3]. History of Iranian Literature.

Now stands no more between Truth and me Or reasoned demonstration, Or proof of revelation; Now, brightly blazing full, Truth’s lumination Each flickering, lesser light.

You are gallaj life of my soul! It features an acute analysis of the passion of avarice, satirical and comic narratives, and cutting insight into human psychology.