Kenku are a fictional race of bird-like, humanoid creatures in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy roleplaying game. They have appeared in multiple editions in the. Benefit: You gain a +3 to attack rolls while flanking instead of +2, or you grant a + 3 bonus to attack rolls or skill checks when aiding another instead of the normal. So I signed up for D&Di to play with the character builder and noticed that Kenku is playable race. After reading a little bit about them online.

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They’re just copying what someone else has written, after all. In their Ecology article, it’s said that kenkus began their existence as giant ravens who fell afoul of a plague, and took to stealing from humanoid races, for which they were hunted almost to extinction.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Aphorite – Duskwalker – Ganzi. It might come out sounding lenku one of those early text-to-speech computer programs, but I’d say they’d be able to do it, since it doesn’t involve any original thought on their part.

I also doubt that they are permitted at “official” 4e events, but for a personal game I don’t see an issue with them. Sort of like Bumblebee in Michael Bay’s Transformers movies.

D&D Monster Spotlight: Kenku – Bell of Lost Souls

As in their previous incarnations, kenlu possessed a degree of magic resistance and were renowned for their crafty, malicious cunning; they were occasionally known to pass themselves off as gods to steal the offerings of worshippers.


Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. This includes art commissions, modules, maps, podcasts, streams, etc, whether you are charging for them or not. In later editions, however, kenku lost their wings, a trait that plays into their racial backstory.

So what is the reason they lost wings? Gradine gave XP for this post. You fear it more than the strike of a viper, the ravages of disease, the ire of a lover.

5E Kenku – Poorly thought out race no matter how cool

No reason 4f offered for their transformation—and indeed most Kenku are still regarded as secretive gangs who work together. They first dnf in the 3rd Monster Manual, and then received an “Ecology of the Kenku” article in Dragon Magazinewith a kenku-focused adventure appearing in Dungeon Magazine Above all else, these Kenku wish to regain their ability to fly—every last one of them is described as being born with a desire to take to the air.

They do gain one of their signature abilities here though—the ability to perfectly mimic any familiar sounds, voices, and accents it can hear. My DM has said that if anyone plays a kenku, he’s decided that the Raven Queen he’s definitely a fan of her has given them all the ability to speak.

How many more birdpeople can you name? They are light for their size due to their hollow bones.

Kenku Lineage (4e Feat)

I’d want to think about Scrolls. Naturally this lead Kenku into mischief—their entry even specifies that many Kenku usually would assume 4ee form of a god and accept offering from credulous worshippers. Actually, I am using the Tengu from Pathfinder as my base, translated over to 3.


Ironically, this cuthroat environment actually builds a very strong sense of loyalty in kenku; the constant competition for survival makes it integral to find kenju who you can trust to stand by you. From the Ashesp. TheHobgoblin gave XP for this post. I’m curious which book the rules for playing a Kenku came from and if there are any others that offer more fluff to play one of these bird men well. The filters work on reddit mobile.

They do, however, cnd gained the ability to speak Common kfnku their own Kenku language. Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide: To be honest, it’s that last part that I can’t get my head around. If a spell were so specific as to prevent a Kenku who knows their Do-Re-Mi’s from being able to string the spell together from a mish-mash of other sounds, then it might be too specific for anyone other 4ee the inventor to perform. But—these Kenku had magical powers and could fly and even communicate with each other telepathically.

Search anything and hit enter. Tuesday, 15th May, All over the internet, I see people either coming up with fun character ideas for kenku’s or claiming that the race is entirely unplayable.