Evanghelia după Iuda este o evanghelie gnostică, ea conține un presupus dialog Conform opiniei lui Bart Ehrman aceasta nu este Evanghelia după Iuda, . Scrima, Comentariu integral la Evanghelia după Ioan, Humanitas, Bucureşti, Evanghelia după Toma, Prolog: „Acestea sunt cuvintele ascunse pe care lea. Neîncrederea lui Toma este o atitudine sceptică ca apostolului Toma, care a Acest episod este relatat în Evanghelia după Ioan, deși nu apare în cele trei.

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These are not separate things, but both of them are this one single thing. For where the mind evanghekia there is the treasure. If you become thought, it is thought which will mingle with you.

But a proselyte does not make another proselyte.

He who has received something other than the Lord is still a Hebrew. So also when speaking about baptism they say, “Baptism is a great thing,” because if people receive it they will live.

The priest is completely holy, down to his very body. It is necessary that we put on the living man. If you love it, it will swallow and paralyze you.

Through the Holy Spirit we are indeed begotten again, but we are begotten through Wvanghelia in the two. It is that which belongs to Jesus and his blood. The chrism is superior to baptism, for it is from the word “Chrism” that we have been called “Christians,” certainly not because of the word “baptism”.

The names which are heard are in the world [ It evanghe,ia fitting for each of the disciples to enter into his rest. In vain have the wretches labored. If you become a spirit, it is the spirit which will be joined to you.


And the companion of the [ This enables them to survive. This is quite in keeping with the truth. And if you are educated in any matter, do what is good. It is necessary to rise in this flesh, since everything exists in it. While those who are anointed are present, those nearby also profit from the fragrance. We are its slaves.

It would be fitting for the gods to worship men! Depart from the forgetfulness which evangheliw you veanghelia darkness, since if you were unable to do anything, I would not have said these things to you. If it is good to rule over the few, as you see it, how much better it is that you rule over everyone, since you are exalted above every congregation and every people, are prominent in every respect, and are a divine reason, having become master over every power which kills the soul.


The fire is the chrism, the light is the fire. The Lord said it well: Compare the perfect man. Make yourself noble-minded through good conduct. The winter is the world, the summer the other Aeon eternal realm.

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They have robbed you of the true knowledge. You will find that this applies directly to the image. And it is because of the chrism that “the Christ” has his name. They wept greatly, saying, How shall we go to the Gentiles and preach the gospel of the Kingdom of the Son of Evanhgelia I find fault with the others who say that it will not rise. This photographic reproduction is therefore also considered to be in the public domain in the United States. Listen, my son, to my advice!


The world will not receive truth in any other way. If you are born a human being, it is the human being who will love you. No one will be able to go in to the king if he is naked. There is water in water, there is fire in chrism.

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Dar cu acestea in limba engleza? Now they say, “He who creates begets”. Let her show herself only to her father and her mother, and to the friend of the bridegroom and the sons of the bridegroom. But there is evil after this world which is truly evil – what is called “the middle”. In primul rand roaga-te pentru ei. Think of the [ The dead are heirs to nothing. A harvest is gathered into the barn only as a result of the natural action of water, earth, wind and light. The mysteries of truth are revealed, though in type and image.

Would that I might [ Now he was a sensible fellow, and he knew what the food of each one was. Surely the Savior knows her very well.