compare latest prices, see user reviews, and see Fidelio X1 specs and Another great set of headphones from Philips, the X1s are good. Although, I prefer neutral headphones, I like to have fun with bassy headphones that don’t have a muddy sound. On my adventure to find a pair. Philips Fidelio X2 review and comparison with Fidelio X1 headphones. Learn how X2 stack up against the mighty Fidelio X1 in terms of build and sound quality .

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Show less Show more. The pads are so lush and comfortable with the velour ffidelio, these feel as good as they sound! This was not well thought through as those adapters put a lot of strain on output and could easily mean broken input on your expensive portable device.

The Fidelio X1 by Philips | Headfonics

Any Condition Any Condition. Philips has chosen a mature, smooth tonal balance that never makes a meal of below-par recordings or poor amplification no matter how bright or aggressive they may be.

This makes them of course unsuitable for mobile use out and about, or for listening in ffidelio enviroments. Audio impressions in movies The increased level of details in movies is simply amazing. I just know that all the stupid things about it – the cable with stupid resistance, the non-replaceable pads, the strange headband, the fact that they probably aren’t making it any more – all of those things fideio fade away when you put them on.

So it’s a heighly efficient design. Philips Fideilo Stereo Fkdelio. It delivers a pretty flat response, with a warm and also quite open retrieval. Everything was nicely balanced, with addition of additional flair. Not much to complain, gonna concentrate on the tunes and not the technical part. Leaky sound for some. If you are adding appropriate sauce, the meet will taste even better.


The solution for the X2 was to use a parametric equalizer and lower 9. OberyNov 7, Breathable velour material help dissipate pressure and heat Crafting the Philips Fidelio X1 starts with meticulously choosing each material for its functionality and ergonomic comfort.

Philips states that they have equal sensitivity, but I found this not to be the case. The difference in intensity and quality is surprisingly obvious, even in those basic options.

Philips Fidelio X1 review | What Hi-Fi?

I’m not an audiophile but even I appreciate the depth of the sound stage. The Fideliio doesnt fall short either. ArgBostonOct 23, Well it definitely is!

They feel like they are of high quality and are equally comfortable with deep, and soft pads that cover your whole ear. There’s a hint of some treble spark.

They have the musicality of my old Momentums, some of the accuracy of the K and DT, some of the space of the HD, and a beauty all their own. Written by NinjaQuick Published Jan 16, Self-adjustable airy hammock with 3D mesh for perfect fdielio The self-adjustable lightweight hammock features an airy 3D mesh, not only breathable, but always be ensured of a perfect fit.

So you are getting intensity of Fidelio X1 characteristics, but not right away all positive qualities.

The only thing these are a little lacking for me is “opennness”. Now the intensity would mean how much roasted would you like to have your meet. The angled drivers shown in the right side image probably has a lot to do with tidelio, as it aims to produce a similar effect to that of speakers toed in towards your head from opposite sides of the room.

They probably saved a few odd dollars by doing this and small amounts adds up when you sell headphones on a global scale.


Philips Fidelio X1 vs X2 Review

Another great set of z1 from Philips, the X1s are good enough to worry the very best at this price. The X1 does many things quite well and blends them together to produce a consistently pleasurable listening experience. Two downsides – the earpads are not user replaceable – I believe they are glued on. The instruments are accurately produced, the vocals are warm and clear, and fldelio all parts of the music is nicely positioned in the sound field. It makes me bob in my seat and dance along and act like a moron.

About this product Product Information High fidelity, premium quality Enjoy music at homeWith the Fidelio X1 headphones, you’re in for an authentic listening experience in exquisite sound and comfort, in your very own home.

I have a fairly big head, so most headphones I wear feel too small or have too much clamp. They are intriguing headphones, with an interesting sound signature.

For Refined yet entertaining sound Excellent detail resolution Comfortable Good build.

Also, the stock cable that came with X1 has a higher resistance than that of the cable that came with X2. Easy to drive, comfortable, great looking, well built. DrikTheTrollApr 5, HiFi Heaven Speechless Verified purchase: Easy to give 5 stars to at this price point.

These headphones sounded slightly grainy until I swapped out the provided cable for a better one. Due to these headphones high sensitivity they will be driven sufficiently by portable devices such as the iPad. Powerfull HI Fi headphones. Cons – Earpads not user replaceable, need to swap stock cable.