Coming from Persia (now Iran), Mahmud Gawan brought with him fabrics, Ethiopian slaves, jewels and most importantly, Arabian horses. Imaduddin Mahmud Gawan (mehmUd gavAn) (ಮೆಹ್ಮೂದ್ ಗವಾನ್) belongs to that rare breed of administrators who rendered great service to the. Mahmud Gawan Madrasa is an old Islamic school (Madrasa), located in Bidar, Karnataka state of India. The school was built by Khwaza.

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On every Friday night, he used to visit various places of worship of the Muslims. He lead a simple life. He conquered Kanchi or Kanjeevaram during the course of campaign against Vijayanagar.

Founded by the prime-minister of the Bahamani empire in the late 15th century, it bears testimony to the scholarly genius of Mahmud Gawan, who first came to Delhi as a Persian trader in exile [2] from Gilan in Iran and moved to Bidar in Do not reproduce without prior permission.

The building was of three storeys and was made beautiful with the use of lovely red titles. Ina year old man stepped onto the dock at Mustafabad. Mosque Also called as ” Kaanch Khanbha”. Externally, three of the sides have prominent octagonal projections in the middle which are covered by a ‘Tartar’ dome.

Regular commercial relations between Bidar and the countries of the Middle East were organized. Lands were properly measured and ownership documents were created. In a drunken state the Sultan ordered him executed in April When Gawan’s house was raided for alleged accumulated wealth, all that could be found was a mat, cooking vessels, the Holy Koran and letters he wrote.


Controlled by the Bahmani rulers, it was called Mustafabad and ships from here went to ports in the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean. Talent such as that of Mahmud Gawan. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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He represented a refined and cosmopolitan vision of the contemporary Persian culture He became the minister of Fairoze and exhibited his ability in more than one field. Howewver he was well versed in many subjects such as Mathematics, Islamic lore and Persian language and literature.

MadarsaMahmud Gawan. He captured Goa in After this capture, the madrasa was principally appropriated as barrack for a body of cavalrywhile a room or rooms near the left Minar were used to store gunpowder which exploded in an accident.

Kamat’s Potpourri: Mohammad Gwan of Bidar

Most of the surface treatment is composed of colour produced by glazed tiles. As interaction between Persia and the Deccani kingdoms increased, it went beyond exchange of material and money. However his achievements are more meritorious than those of many a monarch. When the Sultan came to know about the real truth, he was deeply grieved and died within a year of the murder of his faithful Prime Minister. But most of them declined the offer due to age and arduous journey.

File:Madarasa of Mahmud Gawan.JPG

The kingdoms of the Deccan imported the powerful Arabian horse as a key element of their military. He used to spend all his leisure time in the library.


His correspondence included letters to the monarchs of Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. This page was last edited on 10 Mayat Madarasa of Mahmud Gawan.

It included marking boundaries around these structures, building aesthetically designed compound walls, providing lighting and laying gardens around mahmu monuments. Jyotsna Kamat hosts an amusing online exhibition of historical artifacts on education in India through the centuries History and Monuments of Bijapur. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The highlight of this aspect was the magnificent madrasa constructed under his patronage at Bidar.

Complete view of Mahumad Gawan. This heritage structure is placed under the list of monuments of national importance. He was a great scholar and wrote two books.

A careful plot was laid down by the courtiers to kill him. View comments Post a comment. The lower has three storey, the first and second having balconies which project from the main body of the tower in a curvilinear form but have no brackets to support them.

The entire elevation is in three storeys of arched openings surmounted by a wide parapet. A linguist and a mathematician, he, together with carefully chosen scientists, philosophers and religious seers, created a distinguished religious school. The imposing and spacious building of the institution is considered as an architectural gem and an important landmark of Bidar.