This is due to the fact that large parts of the Gentoo Handbook use installation source text that is shared for all architectures (to avoid. The Security handbook is a step-by-step guide for hardening Gentoo Linux. Find the individual parts below or view the all-in-one-page Security. Gentoo Linux x86 Handbuch: Arbeiten mit Gentoo version of the page Handbook:X86/Full/Working and the translation is % complete.

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On smaller partitions, it is advised to increase the calculated number of inodes.


Notiz Some tarballs are being delivered via xz compression. A stage3 tarball is an archive containing a minimal Gentoo environment, suitable to continue the Gentoo installation using the instructions in this manual.

The default installation media that Gentoo Linux uses are the minimal installation CDswhich host a bootable, very small Gentoo Linux environment. The Gentpo kernel configuration has many, many sections. This variable contains a colon-separated list of directories which contain KDE-specific material. Previously, the Gentoo Handbook described the installation using one of three stage tarballs.

There are many ways to configure bonding. When prompted for the last sector, hit Enter to create a partition that takes up the rest of the remaining space on the disk. In diesem Fall verwenden Sie:. Command m for help: But don’t fear, everything is explained below.

The date command can also be used to perform a manual set on the system clock. If you are interested in performing a Gentoo installation using a genyoo or stage2 tarball, please read the Gentoo FAQ on How do I install Gentoo using a stage1 or stage2 tarball?


Some of them are found stable on the amd64 architecture – it is advised to read up gento the filesystems and their support state before selecting a more experimental one for important partitions.

If this happens errors like “File not recognized: Es wird empfohlen parted zu bitten die optimale Ausrichtung der Partitionen zu verwenden: For more information on configuring wireless networking in Gentoo Linux, please read the Wireless networking chapter in the Gentoo Handbook. The first tool to decide on has to provide logging facilities for the system.

If someone defines a certain USE flag, Portage will gntoo that they want support for the chosen keyword. If all of the above fails, the network will need to be configured manually. First, the boot loader will load the kernel image that is defined in the boot loader configuration.


More traditional readers or ‘old timer’ Gentoo users, working exclusively from command-line may prefer using linksa non-graphical, menu-driven browser. Whenever someone asks Portage to perform some action regarding software titles, it will use the ebuilds on the system as a base.

Usually HTTP mirrors suffice, but other protocols are available as well. Configuring the repository can be done in a few simple steps. For instance, to create a user called handnuch who is member of the wheelusersand audio groups, log in as root first only root can create users and run useradd:. Two or more packages to install depend on each other and can therefore not be installed.

We also provide a Gentoo installation tips and tricks document that might be useful to read as well. Verwenden Sie den Befehl quit um parted zu beenden. Next the user will be greeted with a boot screen and progress bar.


A detected network card would result in something like this again, eth0 here is just an example:. To activate the swap partition, use swapon:. As an example, we assume the proxy is called proxy. To have Portage locate all dependencies that can now be removed, use emerge’s –depclean functionality, which is documented later.

There are two possible dependencies: To check if ccache functions, ask ccache to provide its statistics. This behavior can still be enabled by setting the net.

Documentation – Gentoo Linux

Notiz Motherboards that do not include a Real-Time Clock RTC should be configured to automatically sync the system clock with a time server. When downloading a tarball ending in.

If prebuilt packages are to be distributed to others, then make sure that this is permitted. To speed things up, know that the decision is not final – it can be changed afterwards. If the system has several network interfaces, then the appropriate net. The simplest way to set up networking if it didn’t get configured automatically is to run the net-setup script:. Repeat the following command for each key you wish to trust.

It uses a straightforward yet perhaps not intuitive syntax. This is handled by the make install command:. Sollte Ihr Netzwerk nun immer noch nicht funktionieren, fahren Sie bitte mit Manuelle Netzwerkkonfiguration fort.