Swami Hariharananda Aranya is little known outside the close circle of his disciples. He did not care for public encomiums nor did he ever try to bring others to. Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali with Bhasvati by Hariharananda Aranya, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 9 of 9 Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Hariharananda-Aranya books online. Free delivery worldwide on over 19 million titles.

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It is solely the regularization of prana through pracchardana and vidharana when practiced regularly the harinarananda attains to the state of steadiness.

As regards the objects that are intuited are to begin with, the ordinary physical objects of -ones choice then their immediate material SAMADHI PADA causes the physical elements five mahabhutas next to these are the subtle elements tanmatras.

For “I am in pain” is said to be the instance of fusion of the “seen” and the “seer”. By practising Samyama on the relationship between the body and akasa and by concentrating on the lightness of cotton wool, passage through the sky can be secured. The latent impression born of such knowledge is opposed to the formation of other latent impressions. Samiti decided to take up this work for its independent publication alongwith its English translation.

Thus there is a dualism among these principles. Hariharanqnda last 21 years of his life were spent in that solitary residence.

A the dissolution of the consciousness which is isolation.

Therefore, the overcoming of these “antarayas” amounts to the accomplishment of the balanced stale of consciousness Samahitatawhich arqnya said to be engendered through the recitation of Pranava. Its History, Literature, Philosophy and Practice. Thus there seems to be two levels of cessation samprajnata and asamprajiiata. These hindrances and their concomitants happen to be the distractions on the part of consciousness and hence are detrimental to yoga i.


Full text of “Yogakarika Of Hariharananda Aranya Swami Maheshananda Kaivalya Dham”

When there is non-verbal awareness harinarananda by the form of the gross object but as if devoid of its apprehension that “I know” and when the conceptualized memory too, that is acquired pertaining the object through the hafiharananda of word-convention and authority and reasoning, gets washed away, that engrossment samapatti is termed “nirvitarka”.

Close to the house in which he had so long resided, a grave was dug and his sacred body was buried there. This clearly reflects the theistic approach of Patanjalian Yoga. The Yoga of those who are harinarananda with acute vehemence is immediately successful. These modes of apprehension are nothing but our everyday linguistic and rational conceptual “forms’ of perceiving and thinking and experiencing viz.

Thereafter one should inhale the air in norma!

Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali by Swami Hariharananda Aranya

The involuntary actions are those which are performed by man by being forced by his previous voluntary actions. Supernormal powers come with birth or are attained through herbs, incantations, austerities or concentration. Then comes the set of objects which in fact are the principles which apprehend grain tr and they are the asmita l-am-ness which is also termed as ego ahamkara then the cause i.

Austerity, self study and surrender to the isvara constitute kriya yoga, which attenuates the klesas the afflictions as well as develops inner ambience of samadhi. What was to be achieved has been achieved. Or it is also the satiety or enjoyment of samadhi on the part of consciousness.


Yoga is said to be the restricition of the modifications of consciousness. In the plains of India and abroad, there are many schools with teachers training programs, which “teach” the Yoga Sutras.

Yoga Philosophy of Patanjali

The seen” consists of both desirable hariharanandx undesirable aspects. Thus the “seen” is the sum total of these things or aspects. He was a great sage and Samnyasi of early twentieth century.

The gross elements i. Samapatti as understood here is a process of knowing rather realization or being aware of the nature of higher realities.

As stated earlier, we have provided the word meaning of each word of Karika in order to make the import of the Karika clear. That Kriya-yoga should be practised for bringing about Samadhi and minimising the Klesas. Ahimsa non-injurySatya truthAsteya abstention from stealingBrahmacharya continence and Aparigraha abstinence from avariciousness are the five Yamas forms of restraint.

When the mind loses all desire for objects seen or described in the scriptures it acquires a state of utter hariharanands which is called detachment. Allied aticles on Samkhya-yoga philosophy and its practice included as Appendices.

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