I’m pretty good at tracking things down on the Internet but a few months ago when I tried to find Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley College thesis on. It is no accident that she chose to write about Saul Alinsky for her senior thesis at Wellesley College. As a social activist, Alinsky was as much a. An Analysis of the Alinsky Model,” a page senior thesis at Wellesley College on the elder radical’s tactics. At the Clintons’ request, the thesis.

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Conservatives have exploited the life and legacy of community organizer Saul Alinsky in a bid to demonize Hillary Clinton, but they misrepresent his actual influence and writings. He was much too profane, cursing a blue streak, smoking non-stop, and insulting many people who were as earnest as she was.

She emulates Alinsky in the seriousness with which she accepts her mission — thus embodying his best teaching — and at the same time she distinguishes herself with her own point of view.

Reading Hillary Rodham’s hidden thesis

Check out my post on http: Lost in the proxy war over Alinsky is any sense of who he really was, what he did, and what tyesis believed. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Hillary Clinton and Alinsky disagreed over the issue of localism.

Later that month she became nationally known.

Kodak tried to keep protesters at a distance by holding the meeting in Flemington, New Jersey, but FIGHT brought 1, people more than miles to the meeting. She chose to work at the macro-level of law rather than the micro-level of community because of this analysis.

That was the job he offered to Hillary Rodham. Is American health care broke? Her assertion to Alinsky that confrontational tactics would upset the kind of hillarh she grew up with in Park Ridge,thus creating a backlash, was either naive or brilliant. Rodham noted his “exceptional charm” but questioned his effectiveness.


Hillary Clinton’s College Thesis on Saul Alinsky Resurfaces

He said he was happy to work with anyone — the Roman Catholic Church, black Protestants, the communists — whoever would invite him into a neighborhood. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

October 10, at This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Alindky helped them recruit young priests and parish leaders, and to overcome the tensions between Catholics from different ethnic backgrounds.

Hillary Rodham senior thesis – Wikipedia

Under the progressive banner the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party dominated the political landscape tbesis Minnesota for years with a legacy that cannot be destroyed.

Interest in the thesis and in Clinton’s relationship with Alinsky continued during the Democratic Party presidential primariesas Clinton battled Illinois Senator Barack Obamawho had also been reported to have been exposed to Alinsky-style ideas and methods during his time as a Chicago community organizer. So, those 5 million go back into the pool of the problem uninsured, and we are back to a total of 47 million people who are legitimately in need of health care coverage.

Community-based anti-poverty programs don’t work. Her options after graduation were attending law school at Harvard or Yale, traveling to India on a Zlinsky scholarship, or taking the job with Alinsky’s new training institute, which would have allowed her clintin live in Park Ridge with her parents, Hugh and Dorothy Rodham, and commute into Chicago.

For a young woman to turn down this extremely macho man, and to stand against him in theory as well as in practice, is astonishing, particularly given the times and her young age.

Hillary Clinton was quintessentially one of these people — a Sixties person, although we would hardly have recognized her as such.

Slaight, respectfully presents a photocopy of the typewritten manuscript in a black binder, cushioning it on green foam pads so as not to stress the leather. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Green remembers the surprise of the Wellesley girls that religion could be so public in its real meaning. She moves beyond her senior thesis, but continues to put much of what she learned during that period into practice today. No they are not, are they perfect.


He considered himself a patriotic American. Like the headband, Hillary abandoned much of what influenced her back then. Schechter, who describes taking the call from the White House. These successes marked the beginning of modern community organizing.

Weighing the two major influences on Hillary — religion and community organizing — her biographer Donnie Radcliff has it about right: During the s, Alinsky was particularly scornful of the student New Left and the campus anti-war movement. For bringing forward my ideas about peace in the Middle East and speaking out against the continued Israeli carnage I have been targeted for the most vicious attack aimed at trying to silence me and drive me from the Minnesota Democratic Farmer-Labor Party; this attack is pretty much summed up in an e-mail I received from a sitting judge, who wrote: In her memoir Living HistoryClinton mentioned the thesis only briefly, saying she had agreed with some of Alinsky’s ideas but had not agreed with his belief that it was impossible to “change the system” from inside.

Democracy requires such an approach. Born in to Orthodox Jewish parents who divorced when he was 13, Alinsky grew up in a Chicago slum.