About Papaji · About the Avadhuta Foundation · Community» · Papaji Contacts Worldwide · Video Satsangs Around the World · Bookstore» · Books». W. L. Poonja discovered Ramana Maharshi in a remarkable manner. One morning, in , while he was sitting on his veranda in North India [now. H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji). 19K likes. “Keep quiet. Do not let a single thought arise.”.

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He didn’t speak a word. I became very angry with him.

Avadhuta Foundation

The book also includes a page biography of Papaji. The modern Western satsang movement was created by his students when they came home from India to teach. He went to Bodhgaya, sat under a tree, and discovered enlightenment.

He is largely responsible for the satsang movement in the West because he helped hundreds of Westerners attain glimpses of the Self and then sent them home to teach. I invited him in, “Come and sit down and have lunch with me.


Some of them publish websites with information about Poonja. Where else will you find peace if not within you? We have to let them go.

H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

I cannot make such a mistake. You don’t have to remove the rubbish of the wall. This has to be practised and not just listened to or read somewhere. It was as if a new body were being created for me.

H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

A person in this state is like a fake coin. When he was a small boy he saw a picture of Buddha as a skeletal ascetic and began to starve himself. So come with me, I will introduce you to the manager of this ashram and you can stay in the guest house. Check it so that it is not attracted to anything outside, and if you keep quiet, a thought will come: In silence, your mind is unable to attach itself to ponoja person, any object, any concept or to any other teaching.

Again I asked him, and again he kept quiet. This wall is imagination. Reading can be a hindrance.


I did not understand this tremendous bliss, this tremendous happiness, this beauty, in just an instant. The emptiness brings you happiness, but it is unconscious.

This is called peace and returning to the Source. It includes a wonderful foreword by the editor, Eli Jaxon-Bear, describing how his spiritual quest ended when he met Papaji.

Having returned there, the mind is lost and there is no mind now to search for the light or wisdom anywhere else. There was no trouble. After that he got up and went for five days around that bodhi poojna in appreciation of what he had received. In the late s H.

All others, they speak. The Guru, the master helps everywhere. Once, he hhwl in a vision to a woman living in Hyderabad. So just keep Quiet.

I went out to the town.