Ithell COLQUHOUN The daughter of a civil servant in India, Margaret Ithell Colquhoun was born in Shillong, Assam on 9 October , but was. In the foreword to Ithell Colquhoun’s strange alchemical novella Goose of Hermogenes, Peter Owen paints a vivid picture of the writer and artist. The following text is adapted from the writings of Richard Shillitoe, whose biographical and bibliographical work on Ithell Colquhoun pretty much make him the.

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Renewed interest in British Surrealism led to a number of retrospectives in the s. From the s onward, Colquhoun created a number of sketches of the human form with the internal organs displayed in different colours.

Later paintings were less illusionistic, drawing more on the automatist aspects of Surrealist painting. Garstin was also the secre- tary of G. Fire to fumage which is developing figures from a canvas or paper which has been previously smokedWater to parsemage which is when charcoal or pastel are floated on water and then gently apply to paperAir to techniques where things are blown on paper, such as charcoal, paint or pastel, and decalcomania, where prints are either transferred or superimposed from one surface to another, to Earth.

Her parents were Henry Colquhoun, an assistant to the ambassador in Manipur, and his wife Georgia. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography online ed.

Ithell Colquhoun

This is not to suggest that Colquhoun did not derive an exception- al amount of inspiration for her art from her dream states. In she painted a watercolour of Allan Bennett, a Golden Dawn adept and magical teacher of Aleister Crowley and she was experimenting with alchemical themes in art from the late s.

Southampton City Art Gallery. On her return to London she turned her attention to making drawings and paintings of colquoun and flowers, often emphasising the resemblance to sexual organs she found in bulbs and flowers eg Canna – below right.


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Just as an artist needs to be exhibited, so too an author needs to be read. Subscription or UK public library membership required. Drawn to places she perceived as significant and sacred, she felt a profound kinship with the Cornish countryside, revering the life-force that she experienced.

: Ithell Colquhoun by Richard Shillitoe

Inscribed on back in black ink: In pursuing her Celtic interests Ithell took initiations with, and studied with, a number of organizations. From the s to her death, her work was exhibited widely in Britain and Germany. She moved into a permanent studio in Paul in During the s she spent increasing periods of time Cornwall, initially purchasing a very primitive building in the Lamorna Valley.

Publication of unknown writings or reproduction of her paintings was hampered by confusion over her labyrinthine copyright arrangements. In the past two years there has been a small but significant exhibition of her artworks at Penlee House, Penzance, and some major works included in an exhibition at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin. Stylistically her artwork was surrealist in content and for a brief time she was part of the organised British surrealist movement.

They seem to be a combination of automatic ithdll, and highly controlled artistic invocations. Wikipedia entry Ithell Colquhoun 9 October — 11 April ihtell a British painter, occultist, and author. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll itgell you a reset link. The title, The Living Stones and, indeed the title of an earlier book about her travels in Ireland, The Crying of the Windsays it all: In narrows – usually identified with the Straits of Messina – Odysseus and his crew had to pass between Scylla who ate six of the men and the whirlpool Charybdis.


Remember me on this computer. British painter and writer.

Unknown person s Surrealist painting by student of Ithell Colquhoun [c. Ithell Colquhoun Small doodle on scrap paper [c. In her deck one does not require images to ityell stories—the colours alone provide the necessary psychic link and shape the narrative for the reader.

Peggy Cox Surrealist painting by Peggy Cox [c. One of the chapters directs the narrative through the images of the Book of Lambspring by Nicholas Barnaud.

Display caption Catalogue entry. These ideas were current in the esoteric network of the early 20th century, but it is hard to know exactly at what point these entered her visual repertoire because she does not cite her colqunoun. Thus the sea’s horizon is located at that proportion of the height of the composition just below five eighths of the way up. The almost Valkyrian figure of Athena strides forward with helmet and spear, very definitely the goddess of war rather than of wisdom; Juno and Aphrodite are equally self-possessed and unalluring; the seated Paris is almost an afterthought.

One sketch, Grand Union Canal, simply depicts what appears to be kundalini energy rising in the body of the woman during intercourse, but all Colquhoun represented was the energy itself without the supporting bodies.

In Nevill Drury ed. Catalogue entry Ithell Colquhoun T Scylla Oil on board x 36 x 24 Inscribed on back in black ink: