Hydraulic Design and Application of Labyrinth Spillways. Kathy Frizell. David L. Hinchliff. U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. January WATER. A spillway is a structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from a dam or levee into . A labyrinth spillway and a fish ladder (left) of the Hope Mills Dam in North Carolina. Spillway with flip bucket at Burdekin Dam. Water enters. The capacity of a labyrinth spillway is a function of the total head, the effective crest length, and the crest coefficient. The crest coefficient.

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An uncontrolled spillway, in contrast, does not have gates; when the water rises above the lip or crest of the spillway it begins to be released from the reservoir. For further information, email softwaresupport ch2m.

In the United Kingdom, they may be known as spillwa channels. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Spillways. The other beauty of the design is that spillwat could be constructed while, mostly, maintaining normal lake levels. Flood Control Material used in the structure: The rate of discharge is controlled only by the depth of water above the reservoir’s spillway.

In an intermediate type, normal level regulation of the reservoir is controlled by the mechanical gates.

Letting flood waters flow without inundating lakeside property upstream is the trick. D – width of labyringh apex exterior mor A — width of labyrinth apex interior m.

Coordinates are for the weir itself. Research by Tullis et al. Look up spillway in Wiktionary, the free dictionary.

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The weir can be glimpsed downstream from the Highway 77 bridge. The Brazos River plays a vital role in the commerce and appeal of downtown Waco.


This design allows nearly the full height of the dam to be used for water storage year-round, and flood waters can be released as required by opening one or more gates. My Visits Group Lists: Although generally less efficient than other weir types of the same effective length, the available increase in weir length more than compensates for this.

In contrast, an intake tower is a structure used to release water on a regular basis for water supply, hydroelectricity generation, etc. This pushed tried-and-true design into unorthodox territory, prompting extensive model studies again see the articles, links at bottom. Fourteen sectional models and a full-width model were employed to evaluate the labyrinth weir concept: Labyribth siphon makes use of the difference in the height between the intake and the outlet to create a pressure difference needed to remove excess water.

An ogee-type spillway at the Crystal Dam in Colorado. The “Use static head” option may be used to force the weir equation to use static head in preference to total head see above. As the upstream head increases, the labyrinth weir becomes less efficient, hence the coefficient of discharge decreases. Failure to dissipate the water’s energy can lead to scouring and erosion at the dam’s toe base. Spillway gates may operate suddenly without warning, under remote control. The structures must safely withstand the appropriate spillway design flood SDF.

January Civil Engineering Magazine: A spillway is located at the top of the reservoir pool. Modifications in replaced the drum gate system with leaf gates using hydraulic cylinders, which showed a frustrating habit of laabyrinth too often resulting in lowered and unappealing reservoir conditions while repairs were conducted.

Full project descriptions — with pictures! N – number of labyrinth cycles – need not be an integer, but normally should be a multiple of one half.


One parameter of spillway design is the largest flood it is designed to handle. The hydraulics of stepped chutes and spillways. A chute spillway is a common and basic design which transfers excess water from behind the dam down a smooth decline into the river below. Archived from the original on H 1 – total upstream head, relative to weir crest m.

Floodgates and fuse plugs may be designed into spillways to regulate water flow and reservoir level. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Dams may also have bottom outlets with valves or gates which may be dpillway to release flood flow, and a few dams lack overflow spillways and rely entirely on bottom outlets.

Lake Brazos Labyrinth Weir – Waco, Texas – Water Dams on

Energy Dissipation in Hydraulic Structures. If the effective length is not entered by the user, it may be calculated from the constituent components, namely. In total, the Lake Brazos Labyrinth Weir has 25 segments — technically called “cycles” best design from testing to maintain the FEMA upstream inundation levelsdivided, as noted, into two distinct sections: Retrieved 1 November The Brazos River Labyrinth Weir — just downstream of the Highway 77 bridge at the Baylor recreational sports fields — is not labyyrinth fascinating to look at, but an innovative design that solved a 30 year eye-sore and maintenance problem.