Berlin Game has ratings and reviews. Fergus said: ‘Love is whatever you can still betray. Betrayal can only happen if you love.’These insight. am. The inside story of the BBC adaptation of Les Misérables by the man who sexed up War and Peace. Premium. From left: Rachel Cusk. Berlin Game, UK anniversary reissue, with Schwartzman cover In the introduction to a later edition, Len Deighton stated that Bernard’s testimony in the books.

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Bernard Samson is considerably older, and he is married to another senior official from “the Department” with two youngish children. The final impression is of a harrowing world where everyone is deceiving everyone else, on multiple levels.

56: Len Deighton’s Berlin Game – Book Club

Berlin comes to life like it rarely has in other genre novels. It is, though, a pragmatic sort of story where the outcome, as troubled as it is, could have been far, far worse. The end is a cold-war classic finale, well executed by one of the genre’s masters at his best.

Just so you know I added a New Edition as my copy is the Special overseas edition. It provides vital background information about nearly all of the characters who appear in the Bernard Samson novels, so is really part of that series.

He had access to the secret information on the night of the leak, and he has certainly built up a nice little empire in Economic Information: From the Paperback edition. His father was a chauffeur and mechanic, and his mother was a part-time cook. It certainly is a counter to what I imagine as “spy fiction” though, and I expect I’ll be reading more of the shooting and secret gadgets in the later novels in my course.

What sets it apart for me is that the female characters have actual, hand-on-heart agency. Right at the end his East German Stasi interrogator says:. I remember gwme summer at the beach, when my husband read one after the other. Like Palmer, Samson doesn’t quite fit in; twenty deignton after The Ipcress File, the secret service is still full of Oxbridge types who look down on someone who never went to university at all; both narrators have a serious chip on their shoulder about this, and the attitude is something of a constant theme in Deighton’s writing about the secret service as part of the British establishment.


As in seemingly all human endeavors, intelligence services are rife with office politics and jockeying for position. The only man he trusts – one-time British agent Bernard Samson, now retired and stuck behind a desk in the German section of London Central after the failure of deighfon mission to extract another member of the Brahms network from behind the Lne Curtain – is sent from his semi-retirement back into the field in Berlin, the city in which he grew up and feels at home.

You need this one to read the others but it’s not his best. The first in the epic Samson series of ten books.

Berlin Game (Bernard Samson, #1) by Len Deighton

Thus alerted that their identity is known, they have had to flee from London and, Samson beelin confident, will be forced to make a deal to release him. Trivia About Berlin Game Bern The only shooting occurs off-stage as though this is Greek tragedy. They make the characters look dull and predictable. Back in London – thanks to his sister-in-law – Bernard discovers a suave English intelligence operative working for the Soviets, while in Berlin his main problem is with Germans working for the British secret service while gaje their own criminal racket, supplying much needed Western currency to the East German government.

The pacing was slow, and the only “twist” in the story was painfully obvious several chapters before it actually happened.


Sampson is a professional spy, the son of another professional spy, and the husband of yet another. A Berliner is a doughnut. I also met Ian Holm by chance at the BBC White City reception area just after the only broadcast I was working on another production and we had a nice, long chat about the hame.

Things are heating up in Whitehall as the iron tenacity of the Soviets appears to weakening. But now it is as much a period piece as Pride and Prejud I was surprised at how little this book stirred me. It’s reighton a while since I spent time thinking about a book when I wasn’t reading it, but this book managed to draw me in.

Author name in red, Title in Black. Now, I need to catch up!

Len Deighton’s Berlin Game – Book Club – Spybrary – Spy Podcast

And one of the best-known authors of Cold War fiction has been Len Deighton. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. He is married to Fiona, herself quite senior in the Service — which struck me as unusual: May 26, James rated it really liked it Shelves: Bernard’s father was in the Secret Intelligence Service, and Samson, who spent his childhood in post war Berlin, has followed in his footsteps.

Please help rewrite it to explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective. Edinburgh Spy Week with Penny Fielding Who will it be?

If you’re into old time spy stuff, this for you. It was none of these. Battle for Bond – Brush Pass Review Has he spent the past 14 or so years providing the perfect cover for her treacherous spying?