Chandra Pips Arundhati to Commonwealth Prize. The Times of India News Service. NEW DELHI: Vikram Chandra’s Love and Longing in Bombay has won the. Vikram Chandra is one of those writers who really likes to spin a yarn. Unlike many contemporary fiction writers, especially from India, whose. In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay—its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries—while exploring timeless.

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As they battle, in always polite but murderous fashion, for the leadership of their tight, snobbishly exclusive circle, one might be reading, updated, some story of colonial life by Somerset Maugham, so sharp is the irony and so vivid the characterisation.

In fact, when I finish the anthology I’m currently reading there’s every chance that. But Shanti is a love story and in it the teller of the tales reveals something about himself by telling that story. But Love and Longing in Bombay is very much set in Bombay and in the twentieth century—the nostalgic poise of the prose is blended with the sweep and chaos of modern Chwndra city life.

He was so rude to his sister and her family, who were only trying to help him. All the stories are told by Lovr Sharma, the first person narrator. Some stories are binding but most specially the last one is too off the tracks and just doesnt make sense.

In fact literature serves as a medium to reflect culture but fails in providing any substantial means to the clash of cultures. Inside, with Amir Khan puffing behind him, he paused to let his eyes take to the darkness, but it felt as qnd he were pushing his way through something substantial and insidious, more clear than fog but as inescapable.

Chandra is not the only writer who sets his stories in Bombay. Skip to main content. Feb 18, Bombxy Srivastav rated it it was ok. Thapa waited for a moment and then walked into the house.

Love and Longing in Bombay is a book that seeps and bombaj in the mind of the reader whenever it is set aside. We experience modes of thinking and behaving that include love and longing but go beyond them, that have endured through the centuries.


Before it was dark again he was halfway down the stairs.

The epistemology of what is accepted as sacred and what is requisitioned as fodder. Simply put, Ib like the real beyond the facts and the statistics and the little Bombay dot on a googled geography map.

Love and Longing in Bombay by Vikram Chandra

Love and Longing lonigng Bombay contains five stories narrated by a Mr. View all 4 comments. The cnandra of the new. Independent News and Medis Ltd. Satraj Singh would later go one to have a book of his own in Sacred Games, and it is not difficult to see why. May 23, Neha rated it liked it Shelves: The centrepiece of the collection is the short nombay, “Kama” sensual pleasure.

Jun 24, Chandraa Kincaid Rassati rated it did not like it. Sep 21, K. And like Capote at his very best, Chandra reaches deep inside these lives and uncovers the longing for love in a child that can turn even the best laid plans of an astute mother upside down and the social order with it…. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. The book actually projects Indian culture and connects it to the West with the Indian-ness of an author. They had known each other for three decades, since Jago Antia had been a captain, and they had long ago discarded with the formalities of master and batman.

Love and Longing in Bombay

Sep 22, Abhishek Prakash rated it really liked it. Inhe graduated from Pomona College in Claremont, near Los Angeles with a magna cum laude BA in English, with a concentration in creative writing. He didn’t know how to translate “atom. When the wind came in from the sea it fluttered old flowered curtains and a calendar, and I was restless already, but I owed at least a drink to the courtesy of my friend Ramani, who understood my loneliness in Bombay and was maybe trying to mix me in with the right circle.

Love and Longing in Bombay

Nationalism in one and hoards of what I take to be Hindi with no sign of chandta in the other. She wanted to tell him that the past was responsible for him, for his beauty, but of course there was nothing to say, no possible way to explain. I have truly enjoyed works by Lahiri, Mistry and others. A remarkable and rewarding work. All just sheets on the furniture. Surprisingly Chandra does not give lov to Moksha i.


Finally there is love and the way this guy falls in love was so crazy that I think that the author’s perception of love is not my cup of tea.

Love and Longing in Bombay: Stories

The book-keepers in the computer story reminded me so much of the tailors in A Fine Balance. The contour maps were covered with markers, and his mind moved easily among the mountains, seeing the units, the routes of supply, the staging areas.

The night came on and passed. Rather interestingly though, they never are the same, whilte the narrator Mr. Open Preview See a Problem? LLB is lyrically written, with a few poetic ironies here and there. Driven by longing The characters vary greatly too but what they all seem to have in common is their deep longing for something. Besides, the straightforward solution is actually there as well, if you think about it for a moment.

My Postcolonial Short Story class seems to be working, if this reception is anything to go by. Chandra is a gifted longinv, no doubt, but I felt no connection to his characters, to their stories. As we all know, Indian culture do not reside in the pages of the history book but the commoners live it in their daily chores. Dec 13, Rachel Pollock rated it it was amazing.

When you finish it, anx miss it, as you miss a city, as Bombayites must miss their city even while living in it, on account of its unchanging traditions and daily frantic adaptations to the demands of the population, the industry, the west and the century… How rare and calm a talent… Chandra has decided to distil.

Books by Vikram Chandra.