Full text of “M – Machine Gun Manual – TM ” . MB/MG – Designed as a tripod mounted or bipod supported machine gun for use by. The M, officially the Machine Gun, Caliber mm, M, is the US military designation for .. (×51mm NATO); Maximum effective range: 1, meters with tripod and T&E (the latest FM reads 1, m); Maximum range: 3, meters . MB, MM MACHINE GUN. JANUARY . *This publication supersedes FM , 29 February and FM ,. 26 January.

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It gives the operator an ability to adjust the gas bleed to the action. Always keep weapon pointed down range.

If the weapon fails to function properly, the gunner sends it to the unit armorer. He lowers the feed tray, places the safety on “F,” and pulls the cocking handle to the rear. Place safety in fire position; position front of housing assembly into place and pivot into position.

Using cleanina rod and swab item 8. The Marine Corps relies on fire discipline among its machine gunners to not set it to the largest port unless required.

M240 machine gun

Close the ejection port cover. Excessive pressure from the heat may cause premature detonation.

Pull trigger housing down and back. In almost all cases, the MB machine gun can be best used when fired from a tripod; the MB’s potential for continuous, accurate fire and control manipulation is maximized.


Gm linked belt, positions and holds cartridges in position for stripping, feeding, and chambering. Let weapon fire if near end of link belt. Replacing the Barrel Assembly. Pull gas regulator plug from gas hole bushing. Place safety of infantry trigger housing assembly to “F” fire position.

It also explains how to identify unserviceable parts, and how ,240b destroy the MB when authorized to do so. Maintenance aspects of the MB include inspection; cleaning and lubrication; and maintenance before, during, and after firing, and during NBC conditions.

Heavily corroded, dented, or loose projectiles should not be fired.

Other request for this document shall be referred to: Lift the rear of heat shield assembly off the barrel, then pry one of the front metal tabs out of hole on gas hole bushing, rotate the heat shield towards the other metal tab, and remove k240b shield from the barrel. Military Daily News — Military.

Over a prolonged period, the moving parts, to include plastic, will start to wear out and break. M M Tn M Each click is 1 mm or.

Full text of “M – Machine Gun Manual – TM “

One full turn will move the strike of the rounds by approximately 1. Depress mt back plate latch located on the underside of the butt stock where it joins the receiver.

To avoid injury, keep face away from rear of receiver. Align the mounting hole 5 in trigger housing with hole in fork assembly 4. Wipe off light corrosion as soon as it is discovered.

  EN 14276-2 PDF

FM Chapter 3 MB Machine Gun

Rotating the front sight post clockwise brings the point of impact up on the target. M variants can be converted to use non-disintegrating belts. Use key tj such as “corrosion”, rust”, deterioration”, or cracking” will ensure that the information is identified as a CPC problem. You may also mail, fax, or E-mail your letter or DA Form direct to: When the bolt and operating rod are pulled to the rear, the piston should move freely without binding.

Check for broken grips, bent cable guide, loose nut and bolt, and chipped or cracked trigger housing holding lug. Assure the heat shield m40b present, on the barrel assembly, and is not bent or broken, and does not have any missing parts. This led to 1, existing Ms being sent to FN for an overhaul and a special kit that modified them for use on ground such as a stock, a rail, etc.

Insert curved lip of the adapter assembly into slot located in the rail on the side of receiver, below feed tray.