Kajukenbo (Japanese: カジュケンボ Kajukenbo) is a hybrid martial art from Hawaii . The name . Most kajukenbo curricula feature counter-attacks to punches, kicks , grabs, as well as using knives, sticks and guns to counter back. While this base . students and instructors who practice the Kajukenbo arts for a variety of .. yellow belt curriculum well enough to test within months of starting the program. Author Topic: Curriculum Driven School (Read times) In addition is AKKS , Kajukenbo, Lima Lama, Duarte Methode Kenpo Jujitsu.

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He was a small man, I told him, Kajukehbo am here to learn, and hone up, but I could take him out, he agreed. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. It’s really funny because his student, Konishi, mentioned above, only held ranking in a Japanese sword art and back then the ‘Kai’ only hosted the Japanese jiu jitsu, aikido and sword related arts but has since expanded.

Kajukenbo – Wikipedia

It was in that the name Chu’an Fa was introduced. Active Interest Media, Inc. Foothill Division while on Christmas leave from the academy and working in the streets for the first time Yes, John I was one of Sifu John Leoning’s white belts. I believe Sifu John Leoning was a Black curricklum when he came to the mainland, I believe he was a black belt before he was with Sijo Emperado.


William Chow cjrriculum 32 years old Hi, With all due respect, not wanting to stir but only to clairfy. Through dance, our students are improving physically, increasing muscular strength, endurance, and motor skills. I have nothing to prove John, I have been there and done that, end of this comment for now. Joe Emperado is, sadly dead. I was being trained by lesser belts, my main memory was the Kung Fu influence and how often he was training in that.

Let’s take a look at the old and start with Funokoshi. At least two dates listed for the founding of Gm. Holck, Matsuno professes his teachings of Kajukenbo under two systems. I just talked to him about 2 months ago. We also offer both Spring Break and Winter Break camps during the regular academic school year. He will remember me I am just showing kajumenbo a time line John. The curriculum is exactly the same as the adult class, but is modified to their abilities and attention. Because you want to go there rather then answer my thoughts.

This openness tends to encourage schools to incorporate other arts into their practice.

Was a Sifu John Leoning student prior to my entry into Police work. InEmperado continued to add more Kung Fu into Kajukenbo, shifting the art to a more fluid combination of hard and soft techniques.

Kajukenbo Ranks

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Since then, Kajukenbo has proved to be an improvement-based, continuously evolving and open form. No one ever complained about it back then or now, so perhaps that was an accepted method of how it was done kajukenbi that time.


Training workouts emphasize cardio conditioning and functional strength.


Who were John’s black belts from to ? The curriculum is modified to achieve fitness and focus through fun. From the core muscle groups to the small muscle groups, one can enjoy a complete body workout.

Oh I love these discussions and the information is great! I have had many offers to go there but I have not nor will I. Emperado granted permission with the acknowledgment that the original Tum Pai followed a different path than the revised Tum Pai soft style.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. In fact, the opposite is true. Bujutsu Taiho in the around and Kumiuchi in the ‘s were his creations. As far as black belts go, I now sincerely believe this black belt kaju,enbo of legitimate rank and so forth is a product of the newer generations of kenpo practitioners.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. Kajukeenbo 19, 5. I still like the time line. I have had my toes stepped on more then once in the dojo does not stop me from going barefoot.